5th Grade at Beaumont  Mrs. Piro's Class

Welcome to a new year of school 2020-2021!

There are many changes in all of our lives, online school is one of the biggest. 
The staff at Beaumont is here for all our families in this  very different learning year. At any time, please ASK any questions that you have. 

While we are on campus we are practicing the utmost of safety . I make time for  students use the sinks to wash with soap and water, as well as use hand sanitizer. Students have plastic shields on their desks. They are not exchanged, the shield stays at that particular desk all year. Students have an assigned Chromebook, they do not exchange.  Regarding supplies, each student has their own. We do not share. I the case there are any materials shared, I sanitize between users.  Books are not shared until the book has been in a "quarantine box"  for 1 week.

We are working with Eureka Math. This is a Common Core Math curriculum. I encourage you to help your student with math task. I will never tell the student that you are doing it wrong or we do not do it that way. I try to help the students use as many strategies to understand math as possible.  I value any perspective parents add.The purpose of teaching all these different strategies is that students  really love learning multiple strategies, because it gives MORE ways to understand math thinking. Truthfully, I enjoy teaching Math, your students teach me  so much!  
Social Studies: I LOVE teaching social studies. 5th grade has such a huge spectrum of American history included. We start learn about First World People and how European Explorers changed the North AMerican continent. From there, we learn about the reasons and expansion of European exploration and navigation. 
Colonial life takes up a large part of our content. We also cover the expansion of America across the West, this  does touch on Slavery. Historic and modern topics of race are discussed in Social Studies. 
ELA:  Students will focus on writing, reading comprehension, and grammar. This year students will be reading and writing more than before. Writing goals for students are to create an organized 5 paragraph essay in each genre , narrative, information, and opinion.  Reading goals in Fifth grade are to grow academic vocabulary, reading fluency, and  comprehension of grade level content.  Students will be taking weekly comprehension test on AR . We also will be working on grammar. This is key to proper writing and speaking.  

ARTS: students receive music education twice per week and Art on Friday every week. 

Science:  Science is so much fun! Beaumont has been working in teaching NGSS Science standards. This is a shift in curriculum across our country.  This year students will be working with Science in reading and writing areas as well as hands on learning.  This year has its challenges with COVID, which limits the way hands on Science is approached.