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Here we have posted some of the questions and answers to common problems you may be experiencing with School Loop. Check here first, and then check the "help" button (in the upper right hand corner) for more information. Still can't find an answer? Please email Buddy or Daphne, or catch us in the hallway. We're happy to help!

Q: Why do I keep getting daily e-mails from School Loop with "news" on it? Please make them stop!

A: If you are receiving School Loop daily emails and you want them to stop (or not start) it's easy to turn them off. Just log in and in the upper right hand corner you'll see "account management." Click on that and you'll see the button to turn off daily emails.

Q: The news I had posted in my news feed disappeared! Why?

A: When you post news in your news feed box, look at the top of the screen and you will find a beginning and ending "Publish Date Range." These are the dates that your news will be actively shown on your webpage, and after this date it will be deleted and not shown. The reason for this is so that old, stale news is automatically deleted and you won't have to do that manually. Do you want your news to stay active longer? Just extend out the "end/expire date" and it will!

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